That’s a Wrap - Episode 7

> September 6th, 2012 ---

We are joined by actor/musician/all around talented guy Johnny Strong!  We talk fall movies,  Taken 2, Battleship and much more.

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That’s a Wrap - Episode 6

> August 31st, 2012 ---

We have returned.  After a brief hiatus, we are back with an all new episode of move randomness.

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That’s a Wrap - Episode 5

> August 13th, 2012 ---

We talk to our first guest.  We discuss super heroes....and other movie stuff.

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That’s a Wrap- Episode 4

> July 26th, 2012 ---

We talk Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Direct to Video Mel Gibson, WOW, Channing Tatum, MIB 4, Die Hard, movies we watched recently, we give away out first prize...and so much more.

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That’s a Wrap - Episode 3

> July 12th, 2012 ---

Sean reviews "Prometheus"   We talk Comic Con, Zombies, sequels and remakes, upcoming movies, good and bad theater experiences and much more in this extended episode 3.

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That’s a Wrap - Episode 2

> July 2nd, 2012 ---

This is our 2nd show...still working out the kinks and streamlining the show. We talk more summer movies, comedies, Adam Sandler, action films,  and a shameless plug for a very cool gun. Enjoy the randomness that is episode 2.   Oh yea, and we actually give out our new email address.

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That’s a Wrap - Episode 1

> June 30th, 2012 ---

This is out first attempt at a show...this is our "Demo" if you will.  We figured someone else should listen to it besides ourselves.   We talk summer movies, future movies, and lots of randomness.

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> June 30th, 2012 ---

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